Games Indians Play

This post is not about the games that only Indians play. This is the name of the book I’m reading currently. Its an awesome book written by Mr. V. Raghunathan. The specialty about this book is that it uses the concept of game theory (which is one of my favorite subjects) and its application on Indian audience. Its one of my favorite books because it deals with 3 of my all time favorite subjects viz Economics, Game Theory and Cognitive Sciences. The others being Mathematics, music and Psychology.

I like the the chemistry between these subjects and most importantly, the way these subjects were related to one another was awesome. Another best thing I liked about it was the tag line. The most catchy I’ve heard in recent times. “Why are we the way we are?” and its answer very beautifully explained in Indian terms as “We are like that only.” After reading the book (I’ve not completed it yet), I felt that its now time we reform the phrase to “Only we are like that” by doing something really extraordinary. By proving ourselves to the world. By showing that we, Indians are inferior to no one in this world of competition. We have proved this many times in history and we will repeat the history and this time it will be big and legendary.


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