As I discussed in my previous post, there are many types of learnings. Learning by experience, classroom coaching, etc. Recently, I’ve realized that there’s another form too. Learning from stories. Its sounds childish, right? But the fact is it actually works better than classroom coaching. There are several examples in literature with a mention of learning from stories. One such important name is “The stories of Panchatantra” by Vishnu Sharma. If you’ve not heard about him, you can read about him on web/wiki.

What makes learning from stories important? OK. Consider this. These days I see a lot of political terms everywhere. I don’t really understand them. What do I do? I refer a dictionary or I read it from wikipedia. But still I’m not able to understand the meaning of the words. Inadvertently, I stumbled upon a site where I read a short story which clearly explains all these political words. That’s why I wrote it as a post on my blog as a remnant. Now, I understand the difference.

One always remembers the hare and tortoise story throughout one’s lifetime. Why? Because it has a moral. Every story has a moral.

The moral of any story is ” Every story has a moral “. (That makes it recursive. Btw, recursive names and acronyms are very catchy to look. Isn’t it?). Learn it, practice it. It makes you wise.

PS: This is a very nice presentation. It was one among the top rated presentations of 2008 [courtesy:]. Do read it.


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