CAT 2008 cut offs

All the preparation, all the effort and the  time to showcase it is just 2.5 hours. Its all about how you manage your time in CAT.

CAT 2008 was a very different type of paper. It consisted of 90 questions. 25 – Quant, 25 – DI, 40 – Verbal. And they want us to show competence in each section. I ask, how could one show competence when the paper itself his highly imbalanced. Well, I might not know what was the strategy behind setting this kind of a paper, but all I know is that THIS IS FU*KING UNFAIR. Usually in CATs, paper used to have equal weightage in all the three sections so that people coming from different backgrounds had the equal opportunities. Now that the weightage for VA has been increased, people from non-engineering backgrounds have a higher opportunity of getting through. Not only that the no. of questions in VA has increased but the toughness in other 2 sections has also increased. That clearly means that this time the IIM faculty wants more number of non-engineering background students. Why? I have no FU*KING idea. So basically the moral of the story is “He who knows better englis is gonna make through CAT 2008.”

Whatever the case might be, the expected cutoffs for this CAT as per T.I.M.E. are

QA -> 17- 19

DI -> 28 – 30

VA -> 41 – 43

Aggregate -> 120 – 124 (97.5 percentile)

And the results will be declared by the end of first week of January. All I can do for now is “Wait and Watch” 😦


One thought on “CAT 2008 cut offs

  1. cl people at amritsar have cheated us. we were not taught english at this centre and whole focus was on DI/MATHS.

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