Dostana – A review

In order to come out of the clouds of tension of last week’s CAT, I thought of spending some time watching some good movie. Everybody said, watch “Dostana”. Its kind of a good movie. A new concept has been introduced in the movie for the first time in India. So here we go.

I had already heard about all the ‘Gaypanti’ in the movie but I still wanted to go watch that movie. As it turned out, it was a laugh riot. Seriously, I mean Gay jokes were always funny but what if they were spiced up with a lil misunderstanding and some desi masala? No wonder, that makes it much more interesting. You never get bored of these jokes. And the level of these jokes hasn’t degraded if we compare them to the classical ‘Kanta Behen’ joke from ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’. The level has increased in fact.

I wonder why sensor board hasn’t taken any action against the film for showing the sexual content which is banned in India! I mean the sensor board is always against showing extra skin, number of kisses (especially against Mallika Sherawat), use of the word ‘condom’ (Hello!), ‘fuck’, etc. But in this movie the word ‘Gay’ has been used number of times and censor board doesn’t have any problems with it. I wonder why!

Not considering the censor board, I must say it was a very bold attempt by Karan Johar to show the love among Gay couples. As the plot has been set in Miami, I’m pretty sure the movie is not apt for the Indian audience.

Coming to the movie, John Abraham’s acting was good. Abhishek Bachan did a great job acting like a gay. The funniest thing about the movie, according to me, is that the person who looks more Gayish than anyone else in his real life is the the only straight person in the movie and he is “Bobby Deol” :P. Priyanka Chopra was looking totally freaking awesome. I became a big fan of her after watching Fashion and I believe she deserves a film-fare for best actress for the role that she has played. In this movie too Priyanka was looking hot. Her acting was good, I mean when compared to her acting in Fashion, this was nothing but then she was perfect as far as her role was concerned in this movie. Boman Irani was okay. but I don’t think there was any need for his character in the movie.

All in all its a good movie to watch, to adore and to criticize. Except for the KISS in the end (Oh! Did I reveal the secret?), I must say the movie was good. The twists in the movie were awesome. And of course, the Gay jokes were hilarious. If not a family entertainer, this movie is at least a stress reducer. I would rate it as 3.5/5.

So what are you waiting for. Just go watch it. Haffun!


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