What did I learn?

I’ve learned a hell lot of things from life. The most important thing being “never judge anyone by how one looks/behaves”. I have seen people with brilliant minds who never got an opportunity to be in the spotlight, to be on the screen because they come from rural/poor backgrounds. These people behave very differently. I mean, the way they look, their walking style, their talking style and all that. It doesn’t seem natural. So is the case in their approach of solving some problem. It seems unnatural too, but a good outcome/solution of the problem is guaranteed and that too in minimum time. I’ve seen many 9 pointers failing to do some problems which a 6 pointer can do in a very less time. But when it comes to interviews, CGPA matters and these people lose the opportunity of getting into companies. I hope interviewers do look for some guys internal talents and not the external make-up one does in order to crack the interview.

So all I wanna say is that there are people in this world who doesn’t look as we, the normal people, do. But their thinking capacities are definitely better than that of ours. And the best example for this is Forest Gump. 🙂


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