Cheat Theory

Its been a very long time since I’ve written a new post. From now onwards I’ll try to be more serious and keep writing posts regularly.

Coming to the subject, I’ve taken a course “Game Theory” last semester. It was a very interesting course where we came to know about lots of games that we play daily, knowingly or unknowingly. Last night when I was going to sleep, a thought suddenly hit my mind. Whenever we use the word game, we also use the word cheat. I wondered why is there no theory called Cheat Theory?

This is a very important concept. However, ethically this should not exist, but practically, every game has a cheat. May it be sports, Computer games, Personal relationships, Academic performance, or in Casinos. Cheat is applicable everywhere.

A Cheat is a kind of information known to one player which can maximize his/her payoff. Also it can decrease other players’ payoff. This is such an important concept which does not come in the limelight yet its used worldwide.

Eureka! Eureka! I think I just found out some theory which upon developing can shake the world by its results and prove mathematically how world’s greatest, cheats/frauds were organized.

Developing this theory will take a lot of time. Till then ciao.


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