Pushing my limits

All these days I was busy doing different activities and even though I had a lot of time to blog, I wasted it by watching some crappy movie or by chatting with my friends. I must agree that laziness rocks to some extent but that is definitely not the solution if you want to achieve something in life.

For these many days, I went to swimming and I’ve reduced around 5 Kgs weight in 2 months. This is the only good thing I’ve done in this period. But all of a sudden in the last month I felt very nostalgic(since these are the last days of my college life. And I’m gonna miss my college life to a great extent) and utilized most of my time for writing testimonials to my friends. I wont say I wasted my time, coz it was, indeed, valuable but it made me more lazy and I was kinda sinking in the sea of laziness. I thought of doing many things to overcome this laziness, but I was not able to do them. But today, I took things a bit seriously and for no particular reason, I thought of jogging for 10 mins.

At first I thought, I would jog for 10 mins. But while doing this, something struck my mind and I came to a realization. “Failure is only when you give up“. How true! And so I kept pushing my limits and jogged for 15 mins. It is true that the last 5 mins were like hell, but the satisfaction that I got after completing 15 mins was something I can’t explain in words. All I can say is that all the effort put, all the pain I’ve felt was definitely worth it. I felt as if “All power is within me. I can do anything and everything as long as I want to do it“. I never felt like this before. It was like a source of inspiration for me. And hence I’ve learned my lesson that if one wants to succeed in life, one has to push his/her limits. Well, in my case I was just trying to overcome my laziness, but whatever I told here applies everywhere.

And hence, from here onwards, I will try to keep pushing my limits in every aspect and make more out of this small life. 🙂

PS: My last days in college 😦

PS2: read “The Road Ahead” by Bill Gates. Nice book.


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