Old man and the sea

hemingway - old man and the seaRecently, I’ve read the book Old man and the sea by Ernest Hemingway. Undoubtedly, it was one of the finest piece of fictions I’ve ever read in my life. The best 127 page fiction. 🙂

You can read the summary of the story from Wiki. So I’m not discussing about the story here. I’ll be dealing with the way of writing and the pace of the book.

The book has been written in an awesome way. The character of the old man has been beautifully designed. The story is quite inspiring and the pace with which the story moves helps the reader making his/her grip of the book tight. Well, I finished the book in one go. The first thought that came to my mind after completing the book was that “This book definitely deserves a nobel”. What a fantastic story! And what a beautiful way of narrating it! Hemingway, Hats off to you!

What I liked the most in this story is the psychology of the old man. When he’s alone, he speaks to himself. Every now and then he says “I wish the boy (his apprentice) was here”. Also the way he talks to the birds, to the giant marlin(which is his target) treating it as his friend and he is playing a game with it, to those small fishes, the way he fights with those sharks. I liked his way of looking at things, his zeal for catching the biggest fish, the way he keeps himself alive and pushes his limits everyday, his sacrifices, his dreams, his thinking, his character as a whole. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

It is a must read book for everyone and I feel that an unabridged version of this book should be made compulsory in high school. At least in India. Fictions are many, but getting a nobel for a fiction is something that adds icing on the cake.

After reading this book, I became a big fan of Ernest Hemingway, and I’ve decided to read the rest of his novels too. So I’ll begin with For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Happy reading!! See you soon!! Till then Bye Bye!!

PS: Reading “The Fountainhead – Ayn Rand” currently. As of now it is awesome. Will write a post on it as soon as I complete reading the book. 🙂


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