Phone(y) Dream!

Yesterday, I came from my office tired and exhausted, not even willing to go to the kitchen and grab a glass of water. I simply took my clothes off, put them into the washing machine, and went to sleep. Thank goodness! The next day was Saturday. I slept for quite a long time.

After some time, I heard my roommate yelling at someone. I was in deep sleep and I didn’t care to see whom was he talking to. With my half-opened eyes, I saw him holding a phone in his hands, and an outrageous expression on his face. I asked him, “Dude! What the fuck is your problem now?” To which he replied, “My problem? Okay. Well, as usually my boss yelled at me, the gift I brought for my girlfriend was found to be broken, a virus has infected my PC “Fuck you M$”, and the washing machine is not working because my poor roommate threw his pink phone in it and now I have to go to the airport to receive my boss’ friend.” I was like

“What? Did I? You sure?”

“Here. Take this.” He said handing over my phone.

“Oh Shit! Crap! Fuck. I’m extremely sorry, dude. I was so tired that I forgot to empty my pocket before going to sleep. So now, what do I do?”

“Don’t you worry! I have read the manual and it says that if the phone is wet, just put it in sun until every part of it is dry and even after doing this if the phone doesn’t work properly, go to the customer care.”

It was 8 in the morning, I took the wet phone removed the battery and put it in sunlight. I was still feeling sleepy, so I went back to bed again.

Someone was heavily knocking the door. Therefore, I went there and opened it. There was no one there, but now I felt weight on my right shoulder as if someone has put a hand on my shoulder from the back. I was so afraid; I could feel the adrenaline rush under my skin. With an apprehensive look on my face, I turned back. To my surprise, I was at home standing right in front of my mom. Looking at my wet forehead, she asked “What was I worried about?” and I said “Nothing. Just didn’t expect you at this time” Suddenly, I heard the sound of TV. The maid’s son was watching his favorite cartoon, Tom and Jerry, on the television. I snatched the remote from his hands and somehow while doing this the channel just got changed and now we were watching “Sach ka Saamna” on Star Plus. Rajeev asked somebody “Have you ever put your phone in your pocket and threw your pants in the washing machine?” I was shocked. How could he know that I did that? Suddenly, my phone was ringing and I went to grab it. It was a call from some unknown number. I picked up the phone and said “Hello.” A voice just as Rajeev Khandelwal’s replied to me. He said “Yes. I’m asking you. Did you ever throw your handset in the washing machine?” By this time, I almost freaked out. How did he get my phone number and how dare he ask me this question in front of the whole world? I was dumbstruck. I did not answer him. He said, “Are you there? Since, you weren’t replying, I’m gonna ask you one more question. Are you wearing your pants?” This time, I was wondering what the fuck is happening to me! I was very confident until that time, but as I looked down, I was not really wearing any pants. I felt very cold, the whole place became dark right in front of my eyes; I could even hear my heart beat loud and clear. Somehow, I gathered the courage to face the truth and I looked up. A chill ran down my spine. This can’t be real. Rajeev was sitting right in front of me, his cold-blooded gaze cutting directly into my brain through the eyes. His voice suddenly turned to a more frightening one, just like the Joker’s from The Dark Knight. He kept asking me the same question repeatedly as if he were really enjoying doing the task. I could now feel a sadistic excitement in his voice. By this time, I had realized that I was sitting on the hot seat, half-naked. It was so embarrassing. I didn’t know what to do. I was on the television. People, all around the world were watching me, and what was I doing? Scratching my balls in public. My brain was not ready to accept this and then unexpectedly I heard some sound, as if I just saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I heard someone say “WAKE UP ASSHOLE. ITS RAINING OUT SIDE AND YOUR PHONE IS GETTING WET”I opened my eyes only to realize that it was a real bad dream.

PS: My phone is in excellent condition. The story was just to describe the dream that I had yesterday night. Did you ever get any such dream?


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