2 states (Chetan Bhagat) – Review


2 States.

This time Chetan Bhagat has come up with a perfect recipe for entertainment by making a mixture of two different cultures. The reader is, without exception, assured to fall in love with this book. A deep research on the cultures of Tamil and hard-core Punjabi families adds extra flavor to the already tasty story of two smart IIM A grads and their extra-smart ways of convincing each others’ parents for their marriage.

The ingredients (characters) of the recipe (story) are simply beautiful. (especially the character of Krish’s mom. Boy! I totally loved her sarcastic replies). A little bit of spice (proposal in the middle of the interview) and sweetness (Krish’s attitude towards Ananya’s parents) and to some extent emotional Aty”Achar” (his father’s visit and all) makes the dish more delicious.

The first 50 pages of the book are the most entertaining ones. I read them again and again and yet again and literally rolled over the floor laughing my ass off ( in short ROFLMAO’ed :P) enjoying the protagonist’s thoughts about her as “being just friends”, the interview with the psychiatrist and his mother’s sarcastic comments on the day of convocation.

An easy-go attitude and tension-less approach of the story develops the pace of the book in such an excellent way that the reader would never like to keep the book down. Even if one wants to go to loo, he’d take the book with him and read it there. 😛

The little observations like, “her perfume reached us 3 seconds before her” and “couldn’t help but mention that she hadn’t waxed …” etc etc makes the things come alive and makes it easy to imagine the picture right in front of your eyes while reading.

All I wanna say is swallow the item in one gulp for better results. This is definitely digestible. 🙂

According to me it is the best book written on marriage for Indian audience till date. (Well, I haven’t read many on this subject. But for as of now, yes, this is the best.)

PS: If not Dharma productions, at least Rajashree productions has to fund this story for making this into a family-film and I’m damn sure this one will strike the chords of every Indian audience across all the states by topping the charts for several weeks to come.


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