Corruption at Passport Office, Hyderabad.

Till yesterday, I was a proud Indian. But today, that feeling of patriotism seems to be silently drowning somewhere in the deep ocean of frustration, anger and hate. If you are wondering, let me clear the air on this.

Today, no paper work in India is being carried out without corruption. It is as if corruption and Govt. Services have almost become synonyms. There are, still, many sectors like banking and all which I respect to the core and are less subjected to the kind of corruption I’m referring to, but still, I see the whole Govt. sector as corrupt. My words might seem to be harsh, but then some time or the other these government employees have got to learn that their deeds are causing a lot of problems to their own fellow citizens.

I have been to the passport office five times now, (courtesy: the Passport Office, Hyd.) and every time the result remained the same. The first time, I was given entry into the passport office, but the application was rejected for some unspecified reasons. Rest of the times, I just stood in the line for hours and nothing productive came out of that.

I have now figured out that my way into the office is not decided by the validity of my documents that I’m going to provide, it is rather decided by the amount of money that I carry in my pocket.  The brokers and the security guards of the office have built a strong, invisible fence around it. And there is an entry fee for this exhibition. Only people who can pay Rs. 6000/- or more are eligible to get their way inside the passport office and get a fresh, new, ready-made passport just within 5 days. The rest are those poor bastards who think that they can get inside without paying the aforementioned amount and keep standing in the line everyday hoping that luck will favor them someday. I’m afraid, I was one of them. I, quickly, realized that my way to the passport office was possible only through a broker. So I went to ask one of them about their rates and the complete procedure of getting things done. Here’s what I learnt from them:

A. Brokers are never polite. They really don’t give a shit of what you think about them. They never take a bath. Their faces are unshaven with a thick beard growing in every direction on their cheeks. They chew Guthka without brushing their teeth. They wear 2 gold rings on every finger,  on both the hands, including the thumbs.

B. They never really tell you what documents you have to show and what documents you have to carry along with you at the time of verification until you start talking about money. And then they’ll give you 3 options. (at least I was given 3 options):

Option 1. Pay Rs. 350/- and your file will be taken into the office. Then stand in the line for tokens. When you get your token, you can get inside the office and get your things done.

Option 2. Pay Rs. 1500/- and they’ll buy a token for you. So, now you don’t have to stand in the line of tokens from 6 in the morning and get disappointed when the gate security guard politely asks you to fuck off.

Option 3. Pay Rs. 6000/- and relax.  You don’t even have to come here. If you want you can go into the office, have a coke, chat with the other employees, use the toilet etc.  The broker will make the passport ready in 5 days and deliver to you at your door, personally.

C. As my name was misprinted on the passport, I had applied for correction of the same. Now, the brokers are the gods of their will. They will pronounce correction as ‘collection‘, and some times even ‘corruption‘, as they are the kings there. (Hell yeah! They are right. 1. They are going to ‘collect‘ money from me for the work which is actually supposed to be done without their help. And 2. They are helping me to ‘corrupt‘ them as I am left with no other option.) Education and literacy has got nothing to do with making black money. Nothing!

Anyways, after knowing these things, I said to myself that I can get the token if I stand in the line and there is no need to pay them. So, I stood there silently for a few minutes. People (there) were discussing about the number of tokens that are given each day for passport correction/renewal. I came to know that only 150 tokens were given everyday for that purpose. I immediately went to the beginning of the line and counted the number of people standing in front of me. I realized that mine was the 95th position. (Fuck! 94 people came before me and the time was only 7 in the morning). Nevertheless, I was sure that I was going to get through the gate.

Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony. After allowing 60 people, the guard at the security gate asked us (the few unlucky guys) to fuck off saying that the 150 tokens were already taken and there was no point standing there. There was no ray of hope that could fetch us inside that gate and that no amount of argument would ever be sufficient to convince the guard. The only way we could get inside the office was by paying Rs. 1500/- to the broker. The broker, to whom I’d spoken earlier, came running to me saying that I should’ve accepted his offer beforehand. But still, I refused to agree. He then asked me to try convincing the security guard for the last time before leaving back home.  But that last forlorn attempt, too, was useless as this guy made some gesture to the guard asking him not to permit me in.

So, there I was! Broken, failed and disappointed with the system. This disappointment lead to some kind of frustration which turned into anger and quickly got converted into hate. I started cursing the system, the corrupt officials, and the bloody, motherfucking brokers and the security guards. But is there any use of cursing them, I wondered! Well, here I was! Living in the world of dreams, thinking that India is not as corrupt as the people claim it to be. How wrong I was!

Yet, I’m glad that I have a powerful tool with me. A tool, which can make my voice heard. A tool, which can help the desolate and desperate people like me to come forward and raise their voice against this evil nurturing in our own home.  I sincerely thank wordpress for giving me the freedom to express what I have come to know about my country, my people.


28 thoughts on “Corruption at Passport Office, Hyderabad.

  1. hehehe…you are not alone in this ordeal, Things can be changed only from top, its not the fault of govt servants they are just petty people like us, who have been made corrupt by the system that surrounds them, it’s the institutional failure. Take it in this way; for Bhopal gas tragedy, we blame top management of Union carbide similarly for failure of governance you should blame the top managemet of Indian govt, which is PM. But change can be brought only by people like us who atleast can crib and cry together and may be some one somewhere will listen….lol..

    PS : as of now pay 6000 rs and enjoy…..

  2. @thoughtsoflostsoul: I appreciate your feedback. Though, I’m not going to pay 6000 bucks for nothing. I’d rather stand first in the line and get the task accomplished. Also, I believe that no one will ever listen to us until WE do not expose them, until WE do not shout in unison. 😉

  3. I am from Hyderabad too and I had some bad experiences with the Hyderabad passport office around 10 years back. But forget the past. I have recently applied for a passport re-issue at the Pune passport office and I will write about my ordeal shortly. In the meanwhile, please allow me to enjoy my misery, as I have developed some masochistic tendencies in response to the suffering being inflicted by our esteemed government officials.

  4. I had a very similar experience today. I now feel like a fool standing in the queue from 5:45am to 12:15pm only to find the gate shut right on my face.

    Modus Operandi:
    The agent calls the police man/security guard who is issuing tokens on his mobile. He issues a token and passes it on to the agent. The agent charges his customer Rs1000 to Rs1500 (based on his gullibility) for the token. There is a tea vendor right in front of the passport office gate, tokens can be obtained even from him.

    Aug 13th 2010
    Today when people raised their voice against the corruption, the guard posted at the entrance of the passport office conveniently closed the gate at 12:15pm stating all that tokens have been issued. I had been standing in the queue since 5:45am. When I had arrived, I had counted that there were only 120 people ahead of me in the queue. I really wonder how come 300 Tatkal tokens and 100 normal passport tokens got finished within 3 hours (9:15am to 12:15pm). Today people were raising slogans and showering their choicest abuses on the police. I am sure that one of these days the patience of the people are going to run out and they are going to trash the folks who are not showing any signs of mending their corrupt ways. I hope for their own safety that government or concerned officials take some action. When I confronted the police man/security guard, he blatantly told me that this is not his concern.

    As a Citizen on this country, I am pained by the attitude of the government. Why is that we are being treated as cattle? Why does a person need to stand in a queue for more than 6 hours for a document which proves his citizenship?

    I had recently received US Visa. The whole process of obtaining the visa did not take me more than 30mins. It seems that other countries seem to value our citizens more than we do. The most frustrating fact is that there are multiple solutions to this problem readily available, but we are turning a blind eye to them.

    Solution 1:
    Have an online appointment system like that for US Visas. There was news that the online appointment system was hacked and hence the government has decided to do away with the same. There are many IT companies which provide solutions around hardening the systems. I am surprised that the AP government which had been Tech Savy till recently haven’t explored this option but has rather decided to take the easy way out of scrapping the appointment system.

    Solution 2:
    Have separate timings or entrance gates for miscellaneous passport related activities (Form 2). The modus operandi of the agents is to make their customers stand in the queue for miscellaneous passport activities (which is usually a shorter queue). The security guards allow people in this category to go inside without any hassle. Since they are in nexus with the agents, they allow people who are applying even for fresh passports and have paid the agent through this queue.

    Solution 3:
    Increase the time window for application collection so that people will not have to turn to agents. Passport applications can be collected from 9am to 5pm on 3 days in a week. The rest of the days in the week can be spent on processing the applications.

    Solution 4:
    Allow post offices and eSevas to collect Tatkal passport applications.

    Solution 5:
    Open 1 more Regional Passport Office in Hyderabad. A city with over 6million people deserves at least 2 RPOs.

    IF yes. Then Please pay attention.
    Hyderabad Passport office so called regional passport office. Its condition is worst that the busiest fish markets in India. At least you get fish the same day at the fish market but here its different. Alongside the Passport office you will find hundreds of xerox shops and other irrelevant offices. But besides doing photocopying or other jobs they are the real passport officers in private. Who needs hundreds of xerox shops around passport office???

    The Passport Officials do nothing for the applications they receive and keep kidding with the futures of the people. they are merciless, cruel and humiliating. Who knows how do they face their children and wives after coming home with daily under table bundles. Well they might actually book a similar corrupted post for their lads too.

    Oh My God…… WILL you believe that in the age of Internet, digitalization though the website being there all good looking and efficient looking. the actual working is full of nothing…. Somewhere I read, even the website is managed by the brokers…… I hope somebody is writing a book about this issue… and I bet it would be sold a hit in market. You search you tube with keywords such as Hyderabad RPO, and you get good video streams about how they treat we people.

    Sleepy and sloppy government officials and so does the future of the nation that follows. Every year they might set new resolutions to draw huge cash for their seven generations fooling the people. Do they even care…. students waiting to apply for VISA and getting stuck due to the PCC report not received, some don’t receive passport being all clear with police reports and you don’t know do they even do any work there rather than bullying people. They treat people like cattle…. piss us off.

    when can we feel we are in a developed nation……. India would always be called a developing country and not the developed one because of these government officials who care nothing else than few bundles…..

    Highly regarded PCS and IPS working at these offices should feel shameful for ill maintaining their highly important office…..
    Even the police suggests us to go for the help from brokers and they too abuse the Passport office in Hyderabad.

    HELP GOD, Please HELP the people who have their applications stuck in the Regional Passport office Hyderabad like mine who has been waiting for more than a month for PCC with career at stake and no one to listen…

    BUT One thing is sure I will never come to this beautiful city after i am thru this time because of the passport office is a dustbin. And if I come for job or any thing for 1 year i might have to get a PCC again. Which is impossible and shattering experience here…… I really curse and cry in pain because of such a mental torture they do with us.

    When Can I really say JAI HIND….. Jago PassPort office JAGO…….

    I have seen people hardworking to clear the IAS and PCS exams and physical and really they work very hard…. but this is not the way to avenge your self playing with the futures of people.

    You know Duaayen milengi agar kaam jaldi aur proper channel se hoga warna log kam nahi baddua dene ko. aur unki haay bhi lag sakti hai… khair mujhe poora bharosa hai meri awaz bhi ansuni kar di jaayegi baakiyo ki tarah aur mein bhi rota rahunga aur MERA BHAAT BHI KABHI AZAD NAHI HOGA, Aur is baar tanashaah bhi apne hi log hai, British to Gandhi ji ke saath chale gaye… lekin aaj humare hi desh wasi humare saath ASAHAYOG AANDOLAN CHHED CHUKE HAIN.

  6. nearly 100 % of us have this experience, The only way forward is to to fight in unison. (knock the door loud enough to make your voice herd.)

  7. Can’t agree more with you. Today, after a five hour stand before the passport office, I was one of the many poor souls who could only found themselves wondering why they didn’t part from those precious 1000 bucks which would’ve pushed them in, through the gates. It’s a really pathetic state that we’re in. My experience with the Chennai PO, on the other hand, was pretty impressive. I walked in at around 10 AM(my train was late) and know what… I could get a tatkal token on my daughter’s passport application (Can you believe it???) and by about 3.30 in the evening, I was out of the office with the fee receipt in my hand. Needless to say, I’ve taken the decision at 12.00PM today, to go to Chennai, for my passport renewal as well. Too much of corruption/correction/collection – whatever. Hyd PO suckss!!!!

  8. Even if you are one among lucky few who go by the process and get the application, you will have to pay the police people who come for inspection ..else they may also reject your application….each and every government person involved in the process should be given money

  9. If you go the normal way, it will take several years before you get your passport. The officail excuse is that about 5 lakh passports are waiting for processing, whereas they have a capacity only for a few thousands. Who is going to check the veracity of this statement? When they charge a high fees for Tatkal passport, why does it also take the same time? Why can’t they evolve a system to process quickly, having known the problem by outsourcing or employing temporary staff? The reason could be that it pays to be inefficeint. Otherwise, why does the whole esatblishment keep silent on this? Even the politicains are silent on this aspect. The only solution is a mass dharna by all the victims to highlight their plight.

  10. very truely expressed !!!!!!!!i have also faced the same problem too..
    hope all of us join our hands together and try to eradicate this serious viral issue for the development of our country!!

  11. I thought you were just kidding with your various options. How wrong I was! We had to get our mom’s passport renewed in a hurry at the Hyderabad PO. We came to understand that tatkal means squat when it comes to the HPO. Added to this is the fact that mom has a passport with her maiden surname, and all her other documentation has her married surname. The only document with her maiden surname is her school certificate and they require a second id for renewal. We were advised to stand in line from 8 PM the previous day to be reasonably sure to get a token. To truly expedite the application we were quoted Rs.18,000 by the ‘agent’ and the passport would be delivered home within 4 business days, and no need of any additional id!

    Question for Srinivas G. How were you planning on going to Chennai to get your passport renewal when your jurisdiction is Hyderabad? This would greatly help to know.

    The passport situation has been extensively reported in the Deccan Chronicle and other papers. Yet nothing seems to happen and things continue as usual.

  12. Exactly…I go with dj ranga on this post..

    Our people never accept thire mistakes,I dnt know why people unnecesarily get angry when india is compared with other countries which perform better than us….It has to be compared to know the shit which is lieing under the proud feel sentence saying mera bharath mahaan,and bharath matha ki jai. we,our system is making the bharath maatha cry.

  13. In India should pay the traffic police even if have all the documents. are allowed to shit n luu on the roads even if you have public toilet near by.

    3.You are allowed to just not accept the traffic discipline and drive as you want.

    4If you are a business man or a celebrity or having a scorpio car then you have extra care,even murdering an person on road with your rash driving u can just leave from the spot because of the weight in ur pocket.

    5.At any goverment office you are allowed to just get your work done with bribe.

    6.Ofcourse you should nt expect anything good from almost 80% of the big corporate hospitals which are just unorganised n having an unhealthy atmosphere, and treat you as an untouchable.

    7.when a country blames us for some thing we immediately blame them back but never realise our worst features.

    8.Our people are so indian in thire bllod that they even go and fight in newyork for telangana issue, andra issue or any other political isssue forgetting that they are indians.

    9.WE indians can very very easily get adapted to the other countries culture, of course we never take good from any body.. Iam talking about the rest of the life style.

    10.We even practice the bribe system in u.s.a for getting an driving license.

    i think the above points are just 10 percent of our corrupted system ,officials, and individuals and evry citizen.

    Feel very bad to say it though!

  14. The security guard at the passport office will have a great rapo with the brokers around and when we even try to get in to the gate of the passport office ,he says u have to just go the brokers and u are nt allowed inside without thire permission.. as if i think our passport is ruled by the brokers. very very cheap on our system.

  15. inspite of having great brains, educated population up to some extent, great universities and schools we are always called the developing country since my grany’s school age.. when are we gng to be a developed country?

    I happened to visit east africa, yuganda and tanzania who are called the backward coutry,But actually they are so good in maintaining cleanliness at the public areas and excellent traffic decipline than idea… so now what should we be called?

    Where are the taxes paid by every individual is getting dissolved? If we grab some 20 corrupted politicians black money we can change whole hyderabad. I dnt know why these politicians and who ever has much money are so interested in offering lakhs and crores of rupees to lord venkateswara in thrupathi or any temple.Is god asking you crores of money to bless them? Cant;t they be used to help poor people, or having good roads, good transport for public, will nt god accept this social service as a service to god? we just have false prestige.

  16. am sorry for not posting my blog at the right discussion board, as i was so anxious to express my feelings i never observed it/

  17. @Priyanka: it’s okay to have expressed your feelings on this blog. I can understand your anger and contempt towards the corrupt politicians. But I feel that we have to do things collectively. So it would be better if you can write a post on a similar topic and publicize it so that others like you can empathize with you. 🙂

  18. I applied for a passport under normal scheme in hyderabad. After reading about the passport office drama, i did not dare to go there & applied through e seva. But iam confused now! I’ve a temporary residence here & permanent address in kolkata. I’ve been staying here on rent for more than a year. I told the same to the e seva lady. She said i need to submit proof only for the local address & not the permanent. I ultimately did that as she was not accepting the permanent address proof. My question is: Is she right? She was so rude & kept me waiting for long even in e seva alwal.guys please advice me. Is the passport verification done at temporary or permanent address?

  19. i applied for the passport under normal scheme, 7 months after application , the status is “police report is incomplete , case is being examined”. i went to inquire in the hyderabad passport office . the passport office contains 2 counters for inquiry .

    literally two counters for whole andhra pradesh .and on top of that they only process 250 inquiries per day . not 1 more than 250 .
    they take lunch break for 1 hour while hundreds of people are waiting for their time.
    i waited for 6 hours , my number is around 254. i begged the operator to inquire the status of my passport application details
    the operator slammed the inquiry door on my face and left for the day.

    if there is a huge demand for passport applications ,
    a ideal government will keep more offices to process more requests.
    but our government kept tatkal scheme to suck people’s blood and time.

    now that every one applies for tatkal , more passport processing work force is dedicated to tatkal applications , i.e normal applications will get more delayed .
    which increases more demand for tatkal applications and more blood sucking

    same in the case of railway tickets. blood sucking tatkal tickets (and best of all is that tatkal quota is increased every year to make railways run in to profits). more demand for tatkal tickets more costly they become.

    our politicians are big time blood suckers of common man.

  20. Hi, To all,

    I am from Hyderabad, & working for Anti Corruption Press,
    if you found any corruption lagging issues in any Govt departments within your circles or you have any proofs then please contact me on ( ) immediately.

    I will come to ur end for gathering the information to publish in Anti Corruption Press Paper.

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