Behne Do – Rekha Bharadwaj

So I came across this beautiful song from the Marathi movie Shala sung by Rekha Bharadwaj about this kid who bunks a class and later finds out that his crush actually notices him bunking the class. He is happy to see his crush noticing his presence. The girl asks him not to bunk the classes further. And that’s the beginning of the song.

Rekha Bharadwaj’s beautiful voice adds depth to the situation. The song describes the boy’s feeling towards this beautiful girl. The video very brilliantly captures the first love of the boy; the stolen glances; those “supposedly” accidental meet ups at places, etc. A soothing music by Aloknanada Dasgupta gives the song a perfect closure.

In case you haven’t watched the movie, please do. It does remind you of your school days. Nostalgic!


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