Yes, We Are The Champions!

There’s a feeling of awesomeness in the air, there’s a smile on every face I greet. This is such a wonderful feeling. I don’t remember of a last time when I came out of my home, hugged a random stranger and congratulated him/her for cheering up the spirits of team India. I feel like I’m on the top of the world. Thank you, Team India for uniting the whole nation. Religion has divided India many a times, but Cricket has united it and proved time and again that it is something beyond the understanding of a religion and Sachin is, undoubtedly, it’s God.

Having seen Sachin lift the cup, I can now die in peace. 🙂


IPL Auction – 2011

This year’s IPL auction has not only surprised everyone but it has also shown everyone how the things tend to change when big money is at stake.

I wonder what will happen if these people do not take the maestro Sachin Tendulkar in the next auction! People will eventually lose interest in the game. One of the most important reasons for watching IPL was that the short form of the game gave an opportunity to the older players, who have bid farewell to the game,  and for people like us a chance to watch our favorite players on the field.

And now that chance is gone! I am a little apprehensive that the IPL will lose it’s fame in the coming years. I am reminded of the Orwellian philosophy that anything that starts with a good spirit ends up in the greed of somebody.

Alas! Dada, I guess that was it for you. We’ll miss you, a lot!