Why does it always happen with me that, I want to write so much on this blog but when I sit in front of my laptop, I forget everytying and end up writing some crap. Aarrrghh!! Oh God! Please help me. I read so many blogs everyday and I wish to write like them someday. Everyday I try to write somthing or the other on this blog but everytime I begin, I get lost somewhere in the middle. I want to be a good blogger too. Somebody please help me ..



Liars are those people, who according to me, are the biggest motherfuckers alive on this planet. Some people always “Show Up” that they know a hell lot of things. They know these things by mugging up wikipedia. But when asked about their personal information they lie. Like if I ask whats your age, CGPA, CAT score, Salary, etc they always say it less than the original. I hate such kind of people. Bloody motherfuckers. I wonder why they want to hide this information! I feel , its better not to speak than to lie. I don’t understand why such motherfuckers lie about things. I observe a lot and I learn a lot by observing. Observing human behaviour is my favorite past time. But never in my life had I ever experienced the behaviour of a liar. You cannot differentiate a liar’s behaviour from normal peoples’.