Bollywood 2009 awards

According to me, the following people deserve to win the following awards irrespective of their status and political influence in the industry. I have given the explanation for why I have chosen someone over the others wherever necessary.

Best Female Playback: Kavita Seth for Iktara (Wake Up Sid)

“Iktara” was the most romantic song of the year and will remain on my playlist for days to come. The music was great but that extra melody came from the voice and hence the award should go to her.

Best Male Playback: Javed Ali for Tum Mile Reprise(Tum Mile)

Best Lyricist: Piyush Mishra (Gulaal)

Lines like ” मौत अंत है  नहीं .. तो  मौत  से  भी  क्यूँ  डरें .. ये  जाके  आसमान  में  दहाड़  दो  ” , ” ख्वाहिश  में  लिपटी  ज़रुरत  की  दुनिया ” had a very deep impact on me and hence I feel that this man should be honored with the best lyricist of the year. Apart from performing the role of Prithvi bana brilliantly, this guy had also written the lyrics, gave his voice to them and tuned them with an excellent music which makes me hum the songs everyday. A masterpiece of lyrics can be found here under.

सरफरोशी  की  तमन्ना  अब  हमारे  दिल  में  है
देखना  है  जोर  कितना  बाजू –
-कातिल  में  है
वक़्त  आने  पे  बतादेंगे  तुझे
हम  अभी  से  क्या  बताएं  क्या  हमारे  दिल  में  है

ओ  रे  बिस्मिल  काश  आते  आज  तुम  हिन्दुस्तान
देखते  की  मुल्क  सारा  क्या  टशन , क्या  thrill में  है
आज  का  लौंडा  यह  कहता  हम  तो  बिस्मिल  थक  गए
अपनी  आज़ादी  तो  भैया  लौंडिया  के  तिल  में  है .

आज  के  जलसों  में  बिस्मिल  एक  गूंगा  गा  रहा .
और  बहरों  का  वो  रेला  नाचता  महफ़िल  में  है
हाथ  की  खादी बनाने  का  ज़माना  लग  गया
आज  तो  चड्डी  भी  सिलती  englison की  मिल  में  है

सरफरोशी  की  तमन्ना  अब  हमारे  दिल  में  है
देखना  है  जोर  कितना  बाजू –
-कातिल  में  है
वक़्त  आने  पे  बतादेंगे  तुझे
हम  अभी  से  क्या  बताएं  क्या  हमारे  दिल  में  है

Best Dialogues: Vishal Bharadwaj for Kaminey and Anurag Kashyap for Gulaal

No comments, both of them were equally good.

Best MusicDirector: Amit Trivedi (Dev D)

I have selected Amit Trivedi over the music maestro A R Rahman, and the magical trio Shankar-Ehsan-Loy for the simple reason that this man has tried all possible ways to attract the music loving junta in India and was successful in doing the same. “Emotional Atyachar” was not only the most heard song of the year, but also turned out to be the catchy-bollywood-phrase of 2009. The rock version of Emotional Atyachar was simply outstanding. Tracks like “Nayan Tarase” and “O Pardesi” have created a sensation in the music world. “Paayaliya” and “Dhol yaara dhol” were very melodious “Ye hi meri zindagi hai” and “Ek hulchul si” are refreshing tracks. Having tried so many different genres  in a single album successfully, Amit clearly stands out to be the best Music Director of the year.

Although, the Mozart of Madras came up with a song of completely different genre, I was not convinced enough to believe that he can win the best Music Director of 2009. (Yes, I am talking about “Genda Phool”)

Best actor in a negative role: Amol Gupte (Kaminey)

Best Actor in a comic role: Omi Vaidya (3 Idiots)

This guy definitely deserves the best actor in a comic role award. His role was appreciated by one and all and that gave him an instantaneous shot-to-fame. I laughed my ass off on every joke of his right from “mootra visarjan” to the speech that he gives and till the end.

Best Supporting Actor, Female: Gauhar Khan (Rocket Singh)

I feel that the actress has done a wonderful job in the movie.

Best supporting Actor, Male: Abhimanyu Singh (Gulaal)

Abhimanyu Singh as Ransa has simply astonished the audiences by his performance. His screen presence was simply superb. There was a spark in the actor’s eyes when he was portraying the image of the young politician. His style of delivering a dialogue is completely different from that of other actors and that makes him stand out of the herd.

Best Actress: Priyanka Chopra (Kaminey)

Best Actor: Shahid Kapoor (Kaminey)

Shahid Kapoor has come very far and has been successful in destroying his own image of a cute-ish kid from the minds of the audience by his performance in Kaminey. It is, indeed, one of the toughest jobs for any actor to play the role of Charlie/Guddu in a single movie and Shahid has executed it very beautifully leaving no marks behind. I feel that portraying the image of Charlie, a guy who haf fome prinfiplef in life (fhortcut.. chota fhortcut) and ifs chafing behind hif dreamf waff the most difficult part. And Faahid haf impreffed me. All I can fay ifs “fupper… fimply fupper”. That takes him to a level where no other actor has reached this year. According to me, he truly deserves the best actor award.

Best Director: Vishal Bharadwaj (Kaminey)

Best Film: Kaminey and Gulaal

Anurag Kashyap’s “Gulaal”, according to me was the best movie of the year. It had everything, love, lust, betrayal, politics, humor, excellent speeches, good music and mind-blowing dialogues. What else does a good movie need? Just because the star-cast wasn’t big, I couldn’t reject the movie from giving the award. So was the case of Slumdog Millionaire, there was no big star cast in the film and yet it received all the awards. So is Gulaal. The introductory speech by K K Menon is not just inflammatory but it also lays down a strong basement of the plot for the rest of the film. Apart from the story, every character is of a great importance in the film. Be it Bhati, Jadwal or Ransa. These actors may not be the top class actors, but they have performed excellently. K K Menon was distinctively ahead of all of them. “Mere paas Maa hai” was like the sarcastic reincarnation of the old, nostalgic Shashi Kapoor’s dialogue from Deewar. There’s much more in the movie that I can’t put into words and can only be experienced by watching the movie.And that makes Gulaal the best movie of the year.

Vishal Bharadwaj’s “Kaminey” not only had a brilliant story to display but also it was a huge commercial success. All the characters in the film were beautifully designed and the director had a clear vision of how every character has to be displayed on the screen. Shahid Kapoor has come out of his zone of comfort and gave his best to convince the audience that he was no more the cute lover boy, he’s grown up now and he could take up challenging roles too. No one would have expected Amol Gupte, the screenwriter and creative director of Taare Zameen Par(2007), to debut in the industry with a role as cruel as that of Bhope Bhau. But his performance left the left the audience jaw-dropping. Priyanka Chopra in the role of Sweety, again, has done an excellent job. Shahid-Priyanka lip lock was definitely the best kiss of the year, if only there was an award for this category. The plot was just excellent and so were the characters and that makes Kaminey the best movie of the year.

Raj Kumar Hirani’s “3 Idiots” was a commercial hit, but it didn’t make any impact on me. This can be mostly because of the lack of creativity (yes, almost all the jokes were copied from the forwarded emails) and a lot of masala towards the end of the movie. Thought, the film was a complete entertainer (without exception it was an entertainer) and there was some kind of give away message, it somehow missed the mark.

I once again declare that these choices are my personal and there should not be any confusion or misunderstanding with these and the original awards. I simply feel that these people should win the awards for their contribution to the world of cinema.


PS: Feels good to have written such a long post after a long time.


10 books to read

Does reading books give you pleasure? Does it increase your confidence? If not, you might have read some boring books. So what exactly are good books and how do I differentiate them from boring books?

I can’t really answer that question, it requires a great knowledge in literature. I’m just a beginner. Anyways, here goes my list of best books of all time (not necessarily in that order).

Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Tiyoosaki).

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (Robin Sharma).

Angels and Demons (Dan Brown).

Animal Farm (George Orwell).

A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens).

The Alchemist (Paolo Coelho).

Who Moved My Cheese (Spencer Johnson).

The Kite Runner (Khaled Hossieni).

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (J K Rowling).

Wings of Fire (A P J Abdul Kalam).

These are some of the books that have touched my heart, all of them have a different style of writing. I just thought people who are beginners, like me, might be looking out for books and I must help them.

Keep reading more and more books. Also if you know of some good book, do comment here.