Marathi Manoos

The wounds of 26/11 have not healed completely and yet another tragedy hits the Mumbaikars. And this time, its their own political party, the one which claims to provide a better society for ‘Marathi Manoos’. Yes, a clean, socialized, independent, better society called as “The Good-for-nothing Marathi Society”, where all the narcissistic and proud-to-be-gay Marathi people live in harmony.

Anyone who tries to spread terror is a terrorist in my opinion. Then be it Kasab or MNS/Shiv Sena activists. The only difference is that people like Kasab live behind the bars after commiting the crime whereas the political figures don’t even go there even after committing many such crimes.

The attack on the IBN Lokmat office the other day is not just a warning but also an implication that these people have plans of  propagating terrorism. And why? Because they think they are sacrificing their blood for the welfare of Marathi Manoos. Welfare of Marathi Manoos. Hah! How are they willing to achieve this welfare? Is it by calling the place ‘Mumbai’ instead of ‘Bombay’? Or is it by slamming the God of Cricket who himself is a Marathi Manoos? I say, this is the biggest bull-shit they are offering to be in politics. The worst part is that the Marathi junta still buys this crap.

If they really want to do something for the betterment of the society why don’t they help the people living in slums.  According to 2009 statistics Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is the 7th dirtiest metropolitan city of the world. Do these activists even know this fact?! I believe that the filth is growing not because of the dirt and pollution, rather it is because of the people who are not willing to see the city clean. Well, I why would I care?!

What hurt me most or rather I should say what made me write the post is the reason that they beat women. Of all things, this is the biggest crime I suppose. I hate those who don’t respect women. When I came to know that they slapped the receptionist and the other staff, I felt very angry. There is a limit for everything. Protesting is something, but beating up staff is just not acceptable. And what was their crime? They simply put forward their opinion. What they didn’t realize is that in Mumbai it’s a crime. As they say, “A pen is mightier than a sword”, but the sword, even if rusted, is more powerful. And in India, power speaks.

I’m highly disappointed by the acts of these people and I feel ashamed to call myself  a Marathi guy. I had always thought of Maharashtra as a land of leaders like Shivaji maharaj, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Gopala Krishna Gokhale, veer Savarkar who have made selfless contributions towards the development of the people. The Shiv Sena activists not just threw stones on the glass of the office, but they also shattered the image of Maharashtra in my eyes, into pieces.

When is this going to end?


The Taj and the Raj

If Suketu Mehta had to write the book “Maximum City: Bombay lost and found” in 2009, he would have rather named it as “Maximum City: (Aamchi) Mumbai from the city of dreams to the city of fear”. Yes, a city of fear. Fear from terrorists, from dirty politicians.

Mumbai, being the financial capital of India, attracts huge crowds from all parts of the country. It is highly difficult to stop the crowd to enter into the city. There is no order, no security to control this flow of crowd. But there are certain rules. Like “North-Indians are not allowed”. A bunch of dirty rogues set such rules and bring ill fame to their native cities. I ask who are ‘they’ to set the rules? Are they the ones who really care about the city? If yes, then why didn’t they speak out a single word when the deadliest terror attacks hit Mumbai? The answer, as one of my friend quoted, is “The ones who came through boats were not as much dangerous as the ones who came through votes”. So very true!

There were times when people from all over the country flooded the Mumbai streets hoping to see themselves achieve their dreams. Even today thousands of people come to Mumbai everyday in search of a hope that one day they’ll succeed. And now this is going to stop because A. North-Indians are not allowed into the city. B. There is a life risk of coming to the city where there are frequent bomb blasts and terrorist attacks.

One of the biggest flaws of Indian politics is that the votes these politicians gain are from poor people. People from villages vote for these candidates thinking these politicians stand true on their promise and that’s where most of these politicians gain vote from. But as it turns out, these politicians neither help the poor nor do they develop the state. Instead, they help growing their bank balances.

I feel very sad when I see the present conditions in various states. For example consider the case of Jharkhand Cheif Minister Shibu Soren:

He became the Union Coal Minister in the Manmohan Singh government, but was asked to resign following an arrest warrant in his name in the thirty-year old Chirudih case. After the warrant was issued, he initially went underground.

He was the Minister for Coal in the Union Cabinet in November 2006, when a Delhi district court found him guilty in the murder of his private secretary Shashi Nath Jha in 1994. He has also been indicted in the past on other criminal charges.

I seriously think there is a desperate need of creating a new political system in India. By this I don’t mean that BJP is better than the present UPA. India is a young-developing country and it needs young people to take over it. Today, most of the Indian politicians are in their 80s. They can’t take care of their own health and they want to run a whole country. Tell you what, this is all just a “Kissa Khursi ka”. Lets hope that in near future we see some politicians who are young, dynamic and capable of bringing change in India.