The blood relation

” Blood is a powerful thing, bachem, never forget that. ”

Khaled Hosseini said this line in his best seller book ” The Kite Runner (2005) “. The first thought that came to my mind after reading this line was ” How can blood be a powerful thing? “. But I realized the true essence of the sentence after reading the whole book. Boy, What a book it was! Well, the whole point of this post is not about the book, but the sentence, infact the word “blood”.

If you’ve read Harry-Potter books, you’ll know that people get offended when somebody criticizes them on the basis of their blood. So what makes this simple, 5 letter, bloody word “blood” create a feeling of pride in people?

The blood that is running through our body comes from our parents. One always feels proud of one’s parents. So the word “blood” indirectly points at one’s parents. And truly, blood is a powerful thing.

However, when I read that U.S. President George W. Bush and John Kerry are ninth cousins, twice removed and U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and president elect Barack Obama are eighth cousins, I felt that blood, indeed, is a very powerful thing.


BUll SHit!

I’m not against Bush or Obama, but these pics are really worth a laugh.



PS: Type bull shit on wikipedia and see what it redirects to. 😛 Its truly hilarious.

PS 2: Also, if you are a Chuck Norris fan, go through this link. Its awesome.