Stay hungry, stay foolish

Stay hungry, stay foolish. This line was first quoted by Steve Jobs while giving a speech to the 2005 grads of Stanford University. Having attracted to the beauty of this line, Rashmi Bansal, an IIM-A alumni, wrote a book on the lives and success stories of 25 IIM-A alumni, who are India’s biggest entrepreneurs today.

Stay hungry, stay foolish is a book where every entrepreneur has his own version of story but the abstract thing is the same. SUCCESS WILL NEVER COME OVERNIGHT. There will be adverse conditions, there will be tough times, but you have got to believe in yourself, your idea(which could revolutionize the world) and keep fighting. You might even fail a hundreds of times. Failure is not an effort wasted, its just an attempt to reach success.

After reading the first chapter, I realized that criticizing somebody’s work is easy, but doing it better than him/her is indeed tough. You don’t know how much effort that person has put in doing the work. That reminds me of the quote “Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes“. I always wondered what walking a mile one’s shoes meant! But now I came to know that no effort should be discouraged. You never know when that effort  will put one on the peak of success. And that day you will regret criticizing the effort, the same effort that made one successful.