Kudos to the Mozart of Madras

As an Indian, I feel very proud to say that somebody from my country has reached a platform which very few people could reach.

Allah Rakkha Rahman, one of the finest music composers of the country has made history by being the first Indian ever to win the Golden Globe Award. Its a great achievement not only for bollywood(India) but for hollywood as well. This gives Rahman an international recognition. Now the whole world can dance on the tunes of Rahman. A track from his first project “Roja” is considered to be worlds 9th greatest tune ever made. The more interesting fact is that the composers of the first 8 tracks are not in this world anymore. That makes Rahman the living legend of music and indeed He is the living legend of music.

Abhishek Bacchan once said that “if there’s anyone who can create magic out of music, then it has got to be A R Rahman“. How very true! TIME said Rahman is the “Mozart of Madras“. People say Rahman is the Mozart of the East but I feel that  Rahman is the Rahman and he can’t be compared with others.

For more information about Rahman read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A._R._Rahman

Kudos to the legendary Indian Music Composer. I’m sure that 100 years down the line people will look at Rahman as the Tansen of Modern India. Rahman you rock and keep rocking the world with your rocking tunes.