Neurons, Genes and Strings

As you might have guessed it already, this blog is about the building blocks of the nature. In my view neurons, genes and strings are 3 hypothetical dimensions.

The neurons, which form an interconnected network in our brain is a hypothetical dimension in a way that they give us the real sense of 3 spatial and 1 chronic dimension. Let’s imagine, we had eyes to see things, ears to listen to sounds, a tongue to sense taste, skin to sense touch, and a nose to detect a fragrance in the air, but no brain/memory to identify/differentiate all these things. Could we ever really find out what the 3 spatial dimensions were, or either sense the progress in time? Hence, according to me, this is a hypothetical dimension which actually makes sense of the word ‘dimension’.

Let’s assume for a moment that the big bang is a true event. That means that everything has evolved from a single point. Hence, our existence here is also evolved from that single point. So we do have all the ‘elements of nature’ and thus we are an important part of the nature. In some sense of the word, isn’t everything in this world connected? Our birth on this planet is because of the genes that we inherit from our parents, who in turn have inherited from their ancestors and as we go up in this hierarchy, we come to the point “t=0”, where everything was nothing but just a point. If neurons were supposed to be the dimension which makes sense of the word ‘dimension’, this one makes sense of the word ‘connection’ and that how we are connected to every other living/non-living thing in this universe.

Last hypothetical dimension according to me is a relatively new concept of the smallest building blocks of nature known as strings. The existence of strings has not been proved yet. But I do believe that there is something in everyone which is continuously vibrating because of which the universe is so dynamic. What would be the use of a steady/non-moving universe? In fact, the string must have vibrated vigorously because of which a single point exploded to become an entire universe (reference: The Big Bang Theory). This hypothetical dimension clearly describes the word ‘dynamic’.

Thus, my universe is made up of these 3 building blocks. Just like the space-time coordinates, I believe, there can be a coordinate system with these 3 as the dimensions. May be, the world would be a different place if these were the 3 coordinates 🙂

PS: Book of the month (or may be my lifetime) – 1984, George Orwell. Will write a review on this book very soon.