Jaago Re

I read a blog today and I thought of writing a post on a similar topic. So please do read this post before continuing.

Have you ever noticed, the maid at your home will have the election card as well as the dhobi and sweepers. But why don’t people like us have the card? That’s because we know whom we should vote to and they don’t. These bloody politicians are in the seat because of the poor people ONLY. They illusion the poor farmers by showing them the false dreams of providing free rice and water supply (at least here in Andhra Pradesh, that’s the scheme). That easily fetches a million votes to these bloody politicians. And hence we don’t get voter cards so easily. Even my parents didn’t get the voter cards last time. Hence, we are living in a country which is controlled by a bunch of fools for a bunch of illiterate, poor people. And what are we doing here? We are just trying to adjust with our environment.

” Is this the freedom we need? ”

I feel very sorry for using the words poor and illiterate for my own countrymen. But that is the blind truth. India is a country of poor, illiterate people who were ruled by the British for 200 years and now by their own friends, so called ” THE POLITICIANS “. For example, just take the case of Barbers in the country. SRK is producing a new movie, Billu Barber. For publicizing the film, he distributed posters to more than 500 barber shops in Mumbai. They happily accepted the posters. What happens next? Some bloody politicians/activists think that using the name “Barber” in the title is very offensive and it should be removed. What the Fuck!( No. Seriously, I mean it) I don’t see anything wrong in using the name of some community of people. If I say that slum people have filed a case against Slumdog Millionaire for calling them DOG, I’d still go with them because it really hurts their pride. This is too much. Isn’t it? But this is how it is in my country. Everyday I see such a news in headlines and what I do? Nothing. But today, at least I’m writing a post.

Status: Frustated.

Book of the week : The Last lecture by Randy Pausch.

Song of the week : ” Rehna Tu ” from Delhi-6 composed by A R Rahman.