Saas Bahu and Bullshit

Generally, I don’t watch Saas Bahu TV soaps. But my cousins, they follow all the TV shows that air on Zee TV, Star Plus, Sony, Colors, Imagine and many other channels. Recently, when they visited my place, they asked me to put on their favorite channel, Zee, on TV. Without hesitation, I changed the channel.

I took my dinner plate and joined them to see what was cooking in the lives of the Parvatis and the Tulsis. It was some other serial, ostensibly similar to the rest of the saas bahu soaps. I was in no mood to watch them, but I couldn’t refuse to accompany them either. So I stayed. Well, I had nothing to do, so I started listening to those hackneyed phrases. And suddenly, I heard a very strong, yet cliched, dialogue:

बहु: “आज  आपने  मेरे  पति  पर जो  आरोप  लगाया  है .. वो  इनके  चरित्र  पर  दाग  है .. और  मैं  इस  दाग  को  धो  कर  दिखाउंगी ”

सास  (सौतेली ): “चामुंडेश्वरी  देवी  के  खून का  रंग  इतना  फीका  नहीं  की  तुझ  जैसे  पापी  के  धोने  से  धुल  जाये ”

बहु : “अब  बस ! आपने  अभी  तक  सुमित्रा (herself) का  त्याग  देखा  है .. प्यार  देखा  है .. मगर  दुश्मनी  (a long pause).. आप  सोच  भी  नहीं  सकती  की  सुमित्रा .. जो  अपनी  पति  के  लिए  जान  दे  सकती  है .. वही  सुमित्रा  अपने  पति  पर  कोई  आंच  न  आये .. इसीलिए  किसी  की  जान  ले  भी  सकती  है ”

and I was like WTF!

And the background music turns to be a mixture of emotional, inspirational and revenge types. The cameraman shows the face expressions of all the members in a very slow motion. Bahu has an up turned eyebrow. Saas has an angry look and the husband has an expressionless face.

Btw the husband, in this soap, is mentally disabled. No wonder!

P.S.: Watching Saas Bahu Soaps can be dangerous to your health. 😛


What the f

The simple four letter word “what” in unofficial use is on the edge of extinction. These days everybody is using the simple three-letter word “wtf” instead of “what”. For example, previously people used to say “What’s going on here?” and now people are using “wtf is going on here?”. The latter expression adds more emotion and user’s feeling (to be more precise, frustration) to the actual value of the sentence. It also seems humorous to listen to somebody who says “wtf” in every line. Isn’t it?

You might have seen the trailer of Yes Man(2008) starring Jim Carrey. “Yes is the new no” goes the tagline. So my today’s tag line would be “wtf is the new what”. 😛