Art of the Start-up!

After a long time, I’ve felt like writing something on this blog. So now I’ve joined a start up and we work on hot shot technologies like developing Android and iPhone apps. There’s something really interesting that I’d like to tell about working in a start-up.

Lately, I’ve noticed that working in a start up is way better than working in an established company. I’d just like to mention a few reasons why is it so:

First of all, you don’t have to follow orders. You don’t have a manager. You have the freedom to make decisions. You have the freedom to make commitments and stand up to them. You have the responsibility of taking a task and carrying it out smoothly without extending the dead line.

Next, you get to meet new challenges everyday. You will learn something new everyday. You will work on hot shot technologies everyday. You will make things happen everyday. You’ll make some end user happy everyday. Now, the previous line is the heart of this post. I’ve started writing this post so that at some point I’d come to this particular line and describe it in detail. Well, prior to working in a start up, I’ve worked in an established company. Let me tell you no matter how much I’d work I was never satisfied because I did not know who is it that I’m working for. The end user always used to be a black box for us. But now we do know who our end user is and so we put our soul in making an application to make him happy.

Yet another great aspect of working in a start-up is you don’t get indulged in some boring meetings where all you do is just update your weekly status. If you have an idea, you just go ahead and make it happen. You don’t need to discuss it with “the wise guys” to know what you are doing is right or not? You’ll learn it anyways sans the unnecessary gyaan.

So that’s all I have to say about working in start ups. If you are looking for something to learn everyday and not for money, then start up is the thing for you. And then who knows, may be someday when your start up becomes a major hit, you might as well be sitting on a pile on currency notes 🙂

That said, the only thing I miss about working in an established company is “sweets at my desk”/”ooo” mails. 😛

PS: Any good books that you have come across lately, junta? If yes, do recommend. 🙂


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