First date

First date is always a special one. Its a very different feeling. You feel like the world is non-existent. You and your partner are the only surviving creatures. No one to disturb you, no one to interfere in your conversation. That’s the first time you come to know the actual meaning of ‘Romance‘. You realize that romantic moments do happen in real life. You want to make the evening much more exciting and lively and more romantic…. Now, now, now .. I know what you are thinking of. Don’t go that far, you dirty mind.

To make your evening a special and unforgettable one, do the following things. Firstly, carry a red rose with you. (This is only for guys. Girls may ignore :)) Because girls like roses and the red one’s are given to say that you love them. Take a few chocolates(Girls like chocolates a lot). Carry a CD containing the best romantic songs of that season and put them in the car. (Remember, when you are going for the first date, always take a car, A. it improves your social status B. Hmm … I know that your dirty mind is running faster than my typing speed :P) Ok. So now play these songs in a low but audible volume. Don’t speak a single word. Let the music do the magic. Take her to some very romantic place. Now the big question arises. What’s a romantic place? Well, a romantic place can be anywhere. Just look around, once you are in love everything seems romantic. All you need to do is just believe in it.

Once you are there, another big question arises. Well, its my first time and I don’t know how to begin, where to begin? I’ve never been in such a situation. What if I say something wrong and mess up the whole evening, what if she gets offended? etc etc. The real answer to this question lies within you. Just ask yourself “do you really love her?” or “Have you got attracted to her beauty?” In either case, if the answer is a ‘yes’, just start the conversation and I’m pretty much sure nothing will go wrong. Now here, the KISS principle comes into light( Ahem, this is not the kiss that your dirty mind is thinking about). KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simple, Stupid. Try to pick up a very simple topic. By simple, I mean common topics. The topics we discuss among our friends. Not the one’s like differentiation/integration of a complex hyperbolic cosine function or something like that. Movies is always the best topic to choose. Music, sports, friends, life are also very common topics. But remember, never start a conversation related to topics like politics. This shows that you are a very boring person, who is trying to ignore conversation. Also is not admirable to start a topic on sex or sexual differences (Girls get very very angry when we say that they are not strong enough and they can’t handle such and such things and all that. Why take chances!). Give her chocolates in between. By the way, chocolates can also be a good topic to start a conversation.

There you are, happily chatting with your girlfriend. Now that makes a perfect first date.

PS : I just wanted to write a small post on music and emotions and ended up writing this one.