My name is Kasab

(The year is somewhere close to 2024.)

Aryan Khan, son of Shah Rukh Khan, has been recently launched by his dad. He is the youngest rock star of the country and a heartthrob of millions of teenage girls all around the world.

Junior Khan finds out that Ajmal Kasab’s case is still running in the courts. He goes to Mr. Kasab and does a research on what had actually happened on the night of 26th November 2008. To his surprise, his research work shows that Mr. Kasab is an innocent guy who has lived 15 miserable years of his life behind the bars in a dark prison. Aryan now wants to follow his dad’s foot steps and comes up with an idea of making a remix movie of Veer-Zaara and My Name Is Khan. Papa Khan is very happy that his son is not only talented but also courageous and has made a very bold/wise decision of portraying the role of an innocent Muslim who was maliciously caught by the Indian Police during the 26-11 attacks.

According to Junior Khan’s research, Kasab is a very romantic guy and had come to Mumbai with his girlfriend to see bollywood.  His girlfriend was an Indian and she gave him an AK-47 and asked him to go in front of a CCTV camera. He was so madly in love with her that he didn’t even think twice before committing the act. Later that day he was caught by the police and was taken into custody. While shifting in jails, he once had a chance to look outside the window of the jeep. He saw that someone was getting married. When their jeep went closer to the bride, he realized that it was his own girlfriend who had planned such a scary sketch for him. He later came to know that his girlfriend had betrayed him. The only hope that someday his girlfriend would come to his rescue was now dead. He lived in the prison as a living corpse. No hunger, no hope. But he believed in a thing called destiny. He believed that someday, some girl would come and listen to his dard-e-dastaan and set him free.

Junior Khan liked this story. He immediately called up Karan Johar’s son and told him the plot of the story. Junior Johar got hyper excited after listening to the story. He in turn called up Kajol’s daughter and told her the entire story. All three of them got ready to do the movie, “My name is Kasab and she made me a terrorist.” The movie name becomes an instant hit. To add icing to the cake, Karan Johar’s son decides to make the movie in 4D. (assuming that 4D technology has already arrived in the market). That’s it! All the Aryan Khan fans over Twitter and Facebook (and all other new social networking sites) start discussing about the new film.

The film gets released in all cinema halls across India. It receives a huge response from the fans all over the world. Everywhere, first day, first show is houseful. Junior Khan’s extraordinary charm has done the magic. The movie becomes the biggest blockbuster of Indian cinema, ever. The then Prime Minister and President watch a special screening of the movie and come out of the cinemas with wet napkins in their hands. The movie is made tax-free all over the country. All the politicians watch the movie and come to a realization that what the did to Kasab was wrong. The fact that they entertained such a discrimination towards such an innocent guy was a huge mistake of theirs. Even the opposition is so moved by the film that they come to an agreement with the ruling party’s decision of letting Kasab go back to his motherland.

It is the last day of hearing for Kasab in the court. Kasab has already spent more than 15 years of his youth life in a dark prison. The judge, who had been postponing the case for lack of evidence for many years, empathizes with Kasab’s condition and is finally convinced that what Kasab had done in the CCTV footage was merely an accident and that he is innocent and has a right to live freely in the country. As soon as the judgment is declared, some minister of the state declares Kasab as the real son of the soil. He says Kasab has taken so many insults on his own soul but was never ashamed of speaking the truth that he had come to visit Mumbai for watching some bollywood film.

Kasab is now an international celebrity. He visits hollywood every now and then. He entertains the hollywood directors by giving them the script of his life inside the 4 walls of prison. He is the most admired person on the face of the planet. He becomes the inspiration for thousands of writers and poets. He himself writes poems in his leisure time. He had learnt writing poems while he was in the prison.

One of his famous poems is:

jail ki diwaron me jab hoti hai khat khat

jail ki diwaron me jab hoti hai khat khat

khat khat… khat khat..

I said WTF! I opened my eyes and saw that it was my maid, waiting for me to open the door. I opened the door half asleep, took the news paper from her hands, went back to the bed-room, grabbed my spectacles and started reading the headlines. The headline read as follows:

Ajmal Kasab trial ends, verdict on May 3

I said thank God, I thought even this case would continue for years to come. And that every bit of truth would be chewed up, swallowed without digesting and finally spitted out and eventually be accepted as fact. I’m glad that the Indian Govt has taken a strict step towards the final hearing of Kasab’s case. Otherwise, someday my dream would have come true!

But then that day was April 1st. So I’m still skeptical whether that was a true news or just another of media’s tricks to fool people in masses?


From K..K..Kiran to K..K..Khan

Some people can make success out of thin air. SRK is one of them. His way of delivering dialogues has hardly changed from Darr(1993) to MNIK(2010). Back then in 1993, the audience used to appreciate the obsession for love of a stuttering character. But its a little hard to believe that even in 2010, people still love the same stuttering but with a little difference in the story. There must be something wrong. Either the taste of movies among the people hasn’t changed over the time or SRK has come up with a formula for success known as “stuttering” :P.
PS: Pun intended. 🙂